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Hey folks,

Bad news, my boss needs me in Saturday morning and the event was late Friday, I won't be able to do it Friday, but fear not the event will be on, on Saturday instead @ 8PM UK time. Sorry to all the folks for Friday, but it does mean I can stay up later and the event starts earlier.

Hope to see you guys there. 


Lord Atrocity

Kida Sacheil Aww, I wish I could join D: I keep missing the events!

Hey folks,

This week GTA will be on a Friday at 9PM, with some players joining from another event at 10PM. If you are hear at 9PM we have many different modes for both 4 players or more. Got something you want to see at the event? Let me know via the comments below.

GTA V is a lot of fun, with different variety of game modes allowing us to keep the night fresh. We will be introducing some new modes we haven't played yet as well as some old favourites.

Make sure to jump on Teamspeak and join in the fun folk, its gonna be one hell of a night!



GTA Event Friday

Lord Atrocity posted Aug 15, 16

Hi folks,

This week we are just doing the GTA event, this weeks going to be pretty busy for me at certain points in the evening. If someone would like to host Overwatch or a different event, let me know via a PM with the info, and I'll update this page and the calander. 

We will be doing the GTA event this Friday at 9:00 (UK Time) I heard some folks are doing an event until 10:00 (UK Time) and plan to join us later. This means that we can do some other events or modes depending on the amount of people.

Join us on Teamspeak as we plan to do some awesome game modes. If you have any mode requests, let us know before hand so we can add them to our playlist. If you see any custom modes via Rockstar Social make sure to link them with a description or video of the mode.

Looking forward to seeing you folks this Friday!

Lord Atrocity

Vuez Wel, well, well. Who's that handsome fellow in the colorful tank top? :^)

GTA Event Tuesday

Lord Atrocity posted Aug 4, 16

Hey Folks,

You guys have been loving GTA Event, so next week, we will be aiming to do it on Monday, this week, because I have other stuff planned, it will be on Tuesday at 8:30PM (UK Time)

This time we hope to have a better plan out, so at 8:30PM, we will be hosting the server, and keeping it Free For All ,until the regular folk get on. This time we will have a playlist ready so that everything is much smoother. That Playlist will be triggered when the majority of people are on or at 9PM, which ever comes first.

I want to know what modes you guys want, and I want to make sure we have a mix that keeps it fun and interesting. I also encourage you to try out and test some custom modes and link them to me in this new thread I set up here. If it's just regular GTA modes, let us know, many of them we haven't tried, and if you know of a good one or want to try one let us know.

I'm really glad you guys like it soo much and I hope you come along on Monday. Remember we have an event for Overwatch tomorrow (Friday) @ 8:30 UK Time. 

It's encouraged that you guys record if you can, just please make sure all members of the teamspeak and the game are aware when you are recording and when you aren't. If you haven't already please check the videos in the shoutbox of the events, thank you to Vallonia and pharakhos for recording this. 

Any outstanding folk to add me to Steam lord_atrocity or Battlenet LordAtrocity#1766 please do so.

See you folks soon,

Lord Atrocity

Gargoyle I'm glad that my character is still the bigest sl*t
Vuez Looks like Becky wanted to be in that shot really badly...and whose hand is that at the bottom?

Overwatch Friday

Lord Atrocity posted Aug 3, 16

Hi guys,

Last week we played some Overwatch and at a point, had a full team for Quick Play. If you'd like to come along, it begins Friday @ 20:30 (UK Time) My Battle.Net is LordAtrocity#1766

If we have more than 6 then we will host our own private game or break into teams for Quick Play.

In other news, Overwatch has an incoming update, check it out.

Hope to see you then,

Lord Atrocity

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