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Castle Crashers!

Vuez posted Oct 14, 16

Well, here we are again. It's always such a pleasure...to report news of our raid successes :D

After the Spirit Vale and the Salvation Pass it was time to show the Stronghold of the Faithful what we're made off. We laid siege on this place with ten people, blown Xera's stone construction to pieces and saved her for last. And believe me, this group was anything but gentle. They wanted the kill - badly.

But back to the beginning, the raid starts off with an encounter which doesn't really do the name "Siege the Stronghold" any justice. While Glenna laid bombs to open the gates we laid every White Mantle cultist to rest who came close. Including their lap dogs to which they refer as Warg Bloodhounds. It sounds cocky but the encounter really isn't that much of a big deal so we didn't really take a picture.

What was awaiting us after that however is a different story. A magical assembly of bricks and stones which is simply called the "Keep Construct" - and boy, can it take a punch. With around fifty five million health points it would usually take well over ten minutes to defeat this behemoth but with a bit of tinkering you'll leave vulnerable and hit for three hundred seventy five percent more damage! If all up until this point works out, this boss is going to fall over faster than you'd expect. Here you go, the ten chumps right after our first kill:

Yet, we were far from done. We've still had to maneuver through the mad house which is the Twisted Castle but that's barely anything. Can't keep up with the mad house known as TDA. Once we were done we faced our final challenge: Xera. There's not much to tell because the fight isn't explicable. It mostly feels like a bad, chaotic trip with random things going on. Best I can do to describe her is that she's a mesmer on steroids/bloodstones. We are speaking of a severe case of drug abuse here. Visually, this encounter is mental. But enough of that, here's us with what's left of the castle:

And as a bit of flavor since we've finished the raid with all its wings, a picture of us with Xera's resurrection project which she won't be able to finish after all:

That's that but before I leave you here I want to dearly thank everybody who's been involved in this project of ours. It's one thing to finish the hardest content in the game and get your loot but it is another to start from a point with no experience, no gear and no idea what to do but yet keep pushing for victory even when you oftentimes find yourself at your wits' end and feel like dropping it because it's all so unnerving. 

I personally thought to myself that I'd probably not get into raids for several little reasons, such as these being time consuming, sometimes even toxic and not worth it in general. That was back in November of last year. I've changed my mind since. At the beginning of this year I became restless, I just couldn't sit around with the ability to give the community the oppertunity to get together and tackle the raids. People asked for it and I couldn't just leave it at that. People who were interested joined, many days were spent organizing possible days and times when in reality people have barely any time to begin with. Four hours over two days per week is the best we've ever gotten whereas others spent their entire weeks raiding. Little time and much to do.

But make no mistake when reading 'I's. The credit to this achievement belongs as much to me as it does to everybody involved. Without them it would have not been possible. Weeks upon weeks we've spent time and time again learning mechanics, encounters, our roles and much more importantly how to work with one another. I believe it comes to nobody's surprise when I say there were very few days when everything ran smooth - not only ingame but also personally.

There were times when I got myself so much into the subject that I lost the winner mentality, when things went wrong but yet, things did not go on halt. People kept pushing for me and I could only return the favor. When I'd rather just spend the evening watching a movie I have to think of how people are actually coming on in their own free time to do this - together. It was not the loot which kept me going, it was the comradery. And while it may not have seemed this way and certainly haven't felt this way at the time I came to realize that I'm loving every single moment I got to do this with you people.

This is what I personally take pride in, and I know it's just a video game but is just as valid, we're not people only here to push through the content. We're a community who spends their free time to enjoy activities and each other's company. While I personally dislike calling myself that, this is what we are indeed: a casual gaming community. And this is fine, we want to have fun and not pretend to get paid. Knowing this and seeing people say they've completed the most difficult content with pride, I can take solace in not only claiming the same but having had the privilige to not have done this with random people, but with friends. People I truly adore and think off as family.

This is what I am proud of. 

Major "Pizza" Valtiel Really happy to see how you all grew into liking raids. :) Maybe i'll join for some at a later point, someday. Cong...
Lunaria I couldn't have put it better myself if I tried ♡ I'm incredibly proud of all of us, and every single raid nig...

Danger Co-Management

Lunaria posted Oct 3, 16

Hey everyone!

I'm a bit of a newbie to this important-posty-stuffs, so please bear with me, and I'll do my utmost best to keep this short and sweet!

As you lovely lot may or may not have noticed, Wrinkles (God/Keeper/Master of Cookies) has recently stepped down as Co-Leader of TDA, and decided it would be a wonderful idea for myself to fill that position. Yeah - I have no idea what he was thinking either.

However - I am incredibly honoured and grateful to have been bestowed with such an honour, and I promise to uphold my duties as good as can be; it's the least I can do for everything this guild has done for me! I've made friends and what I'd like to call family I hope to have around for a very long time. I've had many wonderful evenings ending up in fits of giggles on teamspeak, (much to all present person's ears' horror) whether it be during an event or just faffing about - hopefully with many more to come! 

ANYWAY, enough of my soppy rambling, I'll be here from henceforth to support Vuez by whatever means or doings necessary. So please feel free to challenge me with any problems you come up with, or even if you just want a friendly chat - I'm here for all that jazz!

See you all in Tyria - Lunaria 

Zodiack Clive Congrats ^^
Lord Atrocity Congratulations! Sure you will do brilliant :)
Becky I am certain that you're going to do a wonderful job, Jashands. :) It makes me super happy to know that you'v...

Depth Event - Success!

Becky posted Sep 22, 16

Hello everyone, it'sa me - Beckyo!

Last Saturday I helped host a gaming event where we played as some bloodthirsty sharks and treasure hunting humans.  Today, we have the result of that event - a video which mostly spotlights Vuez's ability to find corpses, Kida's talent at making up songs on the spot, and my comedic talents, which (judging by the footage) make up for my incredibly poor hunting and shooting skills.  Unfortunately the quality of the video is about as lacking as my aforementioned skills but by the next event the cameraperson will hopefully have got the seasalt out of the lens and will be able to capture the amazingness of Alpha Revolver!

If you have any suggestions for games that we can play as a group, please feel free to make a post HERE and we'll see what we can do!

Thank you to everyone who came along, and I hope to see more of you next time!

- Becky
AKA: The Phantom Exclamation Mark User

Standing Down

Wrinkles tag posted Sep 19, 16

Heya hey guildies o/,

As you may guess from the title of this new post, I am standing down from my position as Co-leader/Minister of The Daemon Army. 

First of all I would like to thank you all for being such a great community and for time I could spend with you  ! I have to admit that just now I have realized how well suited our slogan: "Come as guest, stay as family" is. Because you have become my second family :) I have been co-leader for a wonderful year. I am glad that I might have the opportunity being part of this community. There are so many memories I will never forget! From listening Vuez's terrible taste in music, laughing on Angron's bad jokes, laughing on Tywin's tries for a joke, Kida getting lost in a cave during guild challenge and convincing Vuez and Kad that they should eat my cookies!

I am standing down from my current position, but I am not leaving TDA or AR. I want to be still active and helpful as much as I can in both game (or future games ? :) and forum.

Our lovely "mad house" cannot be without its second in command (cuz Vuez would hang himself for sure :) so give a very warm ‘Congratulations’ to Jas/Lunaria, who will be our new Co-leader. She has been great help to me and Vuez, especially during guild missions and other guild events. Plus she has already done wonderful work in game and same on the forums. I am sure she will be great new Co-GM!

Ok... so now I have no idea how I should end this post :) ...and I promised myself that I would keep it short cuz I am bad in writing :) ... Once again, thanks for everything ! See you in game guys :)

May the cookies be with you!

Angron Deathsword MY JOKES AREN'T BAD!!! Thanks for your hard work Wrinkles, and ofcourse the ton of cookies that made me a giant fat...
Pitsnow Tank you Wrinkles for many good memories (many more to come for sure :) ) and plenty of cookies
Lunaria Thank you for being an absolutely wonderful co-leader sweetheart & everything you've done for the community...

Depth Gaming Event

Becky posted Sep 13, 16

Greetings, everyone!  Long time no nag, huh?  I bet you missed me...!

I am going to be hosting a Depth event this Saturday 17th September at 20:00 UK Time!

Depth is a purchasable six player game where you can either play a shark on the hunt for human flesh, or a diver looking for the riches the seaworld has to offer.  

If you want more information on the game modes, check out the Depth post HERE!

If you want to play with us you can purchase Depth from Steam HERE!

I look forward to seeing some of you! 

Look at all those !'s!  So intense!

Major "Pizza" Valtiel BECKY MURDERED A SEAL! :o
Kida Sacheil Darius is moving his GTA V event btw, just so people know its not gonna be tomorrow
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