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Depth Event - Success!

Becky posted Thu at 15:36

Hello everyone, it'sa me - Beckyo!

Last Saturday I helped host a gaming event where we played as some bloodthirsty sharks and treasure hunting humans.  Today, we have the result of that event - a video which mostly spotlights Vuez's ability to find corpses, Kida's talent at making up songs on the spot, and my comedic talents, which (judging by the footage) make up for my incredibly poor hunting and shooting skills.  Unfortunately the quality of the video is about as lacking as my aforementioned skills but by the next event the cameraperson will hopefully have got the seasalt out of the lens and will be able to capture the amazingness of Alpha Revolver!

If you have any suggestions for games that we can play as a group, please feel free to make a post HERE and we'll see what we can do!

Thank you to everyone who came along, and I hope to see more of you next time!

- Becky
AKA: The Phantom Exclamation Mark User

Standing Down

Wrinkles tag posted Sep 19, 16

Heya hey guildies o/,

As you may guess from the title of this new post, I am standing down from my position as Co-leader/Minister of The Daemon Army. 

First of all I would like to thank you all for being such a great community and for time I could spend with you  ! I have to admit that just now I have realized how well suited our slogan: "Come as guest, stay as family" is. Because you have become my second family :) I have been co-leader for a wonderful year. I am glad that I might have the opportunity being part of this community. There are so many memories I will never forget! From listening Vuez's terrible taste in music, laughing on Angron's bad jokes, laughing on Tywin's tries for a joke, Kida getting lost in a cave during guild challenge and convincing Vuez and Kad that they should eat my cookies!

I am standing down from my current position, but I am not leaving TDA or AR. I want to be still active and helpful as much as I can in both game (or future games ? :) and forum.

Our lovely "mad house" cannot be without its second in command (cuz Vuez would hang himself for sure :) so give a very warm ‘Congratulations’ to Jas/Lunaria, who will be our new Co-leader. She has been great help to me and Vuez, especially during guild missions and other guild events. Plus she has already done wonderful work in game and same on the forums. I am sure she will be great new Co-GM!

Ok... so now I have no idea how I should end this post :) ...and I promised myself that I would keep it short cuz I am bad in writing :) ... Once again, thanks for everything ! See you in game guys :)

May the cookies be with you!

Angron Deathsword MY JOKES AREN'T BAD!!! Thanks for your hard work Wrinkles, and ofcourse the ton of cookies that made me a giant fat...
Pitsnow Tank you Wrinkles for many good memories (many more to come for sure :) ) and plenty of cookies
Lunaria Thank you for being an absolutely wonderful co-leader sweetheart & everything you've done for the community...

Depth Gaming Event

Becky posted Sep 13, 16

Greetings, everyone!  Long time no nag, huh?  I bet you missed me...!

I am going to be hosting a Depth event this Saturday 17th September at 20:00 UK Time!

Depth is a purchasable six player game where you can either play a shark on the hunt for human flesh, or a diver looking for the riches the seaworld has to offer.  

If you want more information on the game modes, check out the Depth post HERE!

If you want to play with us you can purchase Depth from Steam HERE!

I look forward to seeing some of you! 

Look at all those !'s!  So intense!

Major "Pizza" Valtiel BECKY MURDERED A SEAL! :o
Kida Sacheil Darius is moving his GTA V event btw, just so people know its not gonna be tomorrow

Hey there guys,

it's been a while since my last frontpage update but I didn't feel like oversaturating it with more posts than necessary when we have some good news to share...*cough*.

Let's get to it then. Instead of sharing a single boss kill with you today I got an entire raid wing to declare! Truth be told, after our success in Spirit Vale, the first raid wing, we kind of savored it by killing Vale Guardian, Gorseval and Sabetha again and again...and again. When we had the time we checked in on the second wing, Forsaken Thicket, from time to time.

With the bit of time we had it feels all the more precious that we managed to clear Slothasor on our second evening trying him/her out. Here's us after properly laying down that sloth on steroids to rest:

The second encounter in said wing is more of a sad affair...for the "bosses" that is. Generally put we had to deal with three chumps going by the names Berg, What's-His-Face, Narella and their unending waves of two-bit bandits. No real challenge, even the game thinks that! You got no tokens whatsoever to build their statue in the guild hall.

So let's get to the end of this. Not just some, but practically everybody in Guild Wars 2 considers this bloke the hardest encounter in the entire game. To give you a quick run down, he's able to control the weather starting with Winter simply chilling your bones, going to Summer burning you if you remain still and finishing with Autumn, pouring down toxic rain on you which quite literally knocks you on your bum. The lad starts off as a simply oversized human but if you get him far enough he loses all control, rips open his clothes like the Hulk and becomes even more dangerous than he was before. Not only that but he appears to have copied the most famous move out there: Hadouken! You can be certain that only very few will stay on their feet after taking that to their face. But all that makes it all the more sweeter that much like Slothasor we laid him down on our second evening attempting him! Here's us, the rag-tag bunch shortly after having dealt with him:

That's me done here. Next stop: The Stronghold of the Faithful! Xera, you're up next!

PS.: Apparently What's-His-Face's actual name is Zane. I forgot :(

GTA Thursday 9PM

Lord Atrocity posted Aug 30, 16

Hey folks!

This week GTA will be on at 9PM this thursday! If you have the game make sure to join us for some fun game modes! Again this week we will be trying out different modes as well as playing some old favourites. Make sure to pop on Teamspeak for some banter :)

Got any ideas for future game modes or Games? Overwatch, Golden Eye Source or Left 4 Dead versus?



Major "Pizza" Valtiel We could also have Evolve event. It's free on steam :)
Vuez Quit being so busy, Kida!
Kida Sacheil Woo! I think I might be able to join this time! *fingers crossed*
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