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Hey folks,

This Saturday @ 8:30 UK time we are hosting a Grand Theft Auto V event which involves a mix of different modes we are going to play. We hope to see you there! I will need a back up hoster, as sometimes GTAV crashes for me. Let me know in the comments if you can back me up! Feel free to video the event, but only if you get everyones permission.

On top of that, starting March 1st, we will be officialy moving from Teamspeak to Discord. On that day we will be posting up a news post and adjusting the website to include a Discord Module, supply the information to join & a guide to help those folk who are new to it.

The reason for the move is that Teamspeak cost money and to run it for 50 people is even more expensive. With Discord, its completely free and we don't have a user cap. Discord is also a lot more gamer friendly with tonnes of features and more coming soon. They also have an official iOS & Android app which works pretty well.

Head on over to the Discord Website, to download the application, and make sure to update it prior to us opening the server so that you can make sure you can jump on as soon as its available. We recommend that you register an account so that you can claim your username. 

Hope to see you on GTAV & for those wanting a sneak peak at the Discord Server before it opens, make sure to come along to the GTA event as that is the VOIP application we will be using for the event.


PointBlanc I'll be there. Can do back up hosting. Is there an Alpha Revolver crew?
Vallonia Coming to GTA event, gonna record it as well. \o/

Hey guys,

We have another Overwatch event this Saturday at 8:30pm UK time. With the new chinese new year festival out, we have new skins and a new game mode to play. This festivals event is Capture the flag. If we manage to make up even numbers we have that as one of our options to play.

Overwatch is a lot of fun, especially with friends, so keep an eye out on our shotbox for our Discord Testing link. Overwatch event allows us to test with a group of people at different intervals to see if Discord would suit our VOIP needs better as a community. We do not want this to be used fully by the community at the moment because we don't want to divide our community between two VOIP chats until we are sure Discord is the right way to go.

We are looking forward to seeing you there. In preperation, make sure you Overwatch game & Battle.net client is uptodate prior to the event. You can download Discord here and you can add people and share your battle.net tag on this thread

Looking forward to seeing you!


Vallonia Ye sure fine i'll be there...

Hey guys!

It's been a while since I posted an update on the frontpage, but I just wanted to say that I'm very happy to see that we've managed to have a few different events these last few Saturdays! I hope we can keep this going and make this a regular thing.

So in relation to that, I just wanted to let you guys know that if anyone wants to try and host an event in a spesific game, you don't have to be an officer or anything like that. Just post on the forum or send me a message and I'll help you organize by advertising on facebook, twitter, event calendar etc..

Also feel free to message me if there's anything, and I'll do my best to help you.

Other than that, Vallonia is gonna be hosting a Cards against humanity event this upcoming Saturday (28th January) at 8PM UK-Time! It's free to play, and you can click here to access it. 
Everybody is welcome to join, and I hope many of you are able to tag along!

~ Kida

Rhyme I will be there - Me + 1 RSVP'in
Quamara Sinnafein I saw some funny stuff on Youtube and i'm in. I dont need the actual cards?
Vallonia Wait, is that me hosting it? Shit, gotta suit up.

Overwatch Week 2!

Lord Atrocity posted Jan 18, 17

Hey folks,

Last Saturday we had a lot of fun on Overwatch, with more than 6 members showing up we played in a custom game before finally moving on to quickgames later in the evening.

Due to the success and fun had by everyone, we will be doing it again this Saturday @ 8PM UK time, so make sure you guys pop on to our Discord testing server.

If you guys haven't heard, we have been testing Discord as an alternative to our Teamspeak server, and when the teamspeak service is nearing its end, we will make a decision on wether to switch to Discord or stay with Teamspeak. This event, is a good way to test our server so we will pass out the link prior to the event. The reason for not giving it out now, is that we don't want to divide the community between two different voice chat options and for now its really only exclusive for certain events. 

If you haven't picked up Overwatch, make sure to check it out on our supported key seller Kinguin, using our reference link in the banner above or in the add to left below the shoutbox & teamspeak module. Using our link gives us commision, at no cost to you, which we in turn will invest back into Alpha Revolver. You can also get 3% off using our code ALPHAREV, prior to the purchase.

If you have Overwatch and haven't played with us yet, or you have recently or plan to pick it up then head on over to Lunaria's thread where you can see each others battle net user names to add one another. Please let people know who you are when adding them, this way they can make a note on their friendlist that you are part of Alpha Revolver. Other peoples usernames should not be shared outwith this thread to anyone outside AR without their permission.

Finally folk, so far we only had 3 people, not including myself interested in a GTA event. If you would like one,please let us know... or why not suggest an alternative event to be hosted.



Lord Atrocity Would be a lot of fun http://plays.tv/ seems like a good way to record without actually having to mess about. You design...
Vallonia Can try and record. (if i dont fall asleep at 7pm like last saturday)
Kida Sacheil It would be awesome if someone could record some gameplay from the event :) I'll try and tag along as well

Hey everyone!

Now we have more people who play Overwatch on Alpha Revolver, we thought we would host an event. If you are interested in joining then let us know by posting in our sign up thread. We start this Saturday at 8:00PM UK time so make sure to pop on teamspeak then for some fun.

If you haven't already or for preperation for the event you can refer to Luna's thread to add people or add your own name for the battlenet client.

I want to see who would all be interested in random GTA Events? Let us know in the comments below if you want to see more GTA & we can arrange a day!

Anyways folks, have a goodin!


Lexi im up for it tho, i don't have much time lately! but would love to join it :DDD
Vallonia I'm up for an event.
Kida Sacheil I'm up for GTA event, sometime as well!
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